What Employers Should Consider: Applicant’s with Criminal Histories

Each year in the United States about 700,000 men and women are released from prison and re-enter society, which means those people are in need to re-enter the workforce as well. Even with so many open jobs across industries and employers’ growing need for workers, applicant’s with criminal backgrounds still face a huge bias obstacle… Read more »

Essential Guidelines for a Successful Recruiter Experience

The job market nowadays can be very daunting with there being more open positions than active jobseekers – the options are endless! That is why working with staffing agencies and their recruiters can be advantageous for any jobseeker as recruiters can connect individuals with employers and specific roles that are perfect for their skills, interests,… Read more »

Sick at Work: How to Prevent the Flu in the Workplace

It is that time of year again…flu season. The peak of flu activity is happening right now and will continue until February. That means everyone needs to take precautionary measures to prevent getting sick and spreading the illness, especially at the workplace. Employees that work in close proximity to each other are particularly susceptible to… Read more »

Bucks County: Limitless Activities and a Booming Job Market

Bucks County, Pennsylvania was established in 1682 as one of the four original counties of the state, the other three being Chester, Delaware, and Philadelphia. William Penn named the county after Buckinghamshire, the county where he lived in England. Bucks County, which is substantially bigger than its neighbor Montgomery County, was initially even larger than… Read more »

Montgomery County: Active Communities and Job Market

Montgomery County, Pennsylvania was created on September 10, 1784 from part of Philadelphia County. It was possibly named after Revolutionary War hero General Richard Montgomery or two legislators named Montgomery who played a part in creating the county. The county has a history of prosperous farms, forges, mills, and manufacturing that, at first, depended on… Read more »

The Referral Advantage for Employers and Candidates

Research consistently shows that employee referrals have exceptional conversion and retention rates, they lower recruiting costs and expedite the time to hire and secure top talent for those hard-to-fill positions. Many studies have found that referred employees typically are able to pick up on tasks and adjust to the company culture faster, needless onboarding, and… Read more »

Your Office Holiday Parties: Planning and Attending the Party

The annual holiday party is a company gathering meant to celebrate the season and a year of hard work. It is a great opportunity for coworkers to get to know each other, make the staff feel appreciated, and allow everyone from the company to relax after a long year. Although office parties have the best… Read more »

How to Make Your Resume Stand Out to Recruiters

Recruiters are sent and review hundreds of resumes a day to find the best candidates. The daily influx of applications requires recruiters to scan through resumes in seconds, which means strong candidates need resumes that stop recruiters in their tracks. Whether you are an experienced professional, recent graduate or an entry-level novice, having an attractive,… Read more »

Medical Marijuana: What Employers Should Know

Twenty eight states have passed medical marijuana laws and eight states, including Washington D.C, have legalized recreational marijuana for adults twenty one and over. With the prevalence of the alternative medicine comes a shift in workplace and legal policy. It is important as an employer to be aware of the evolving laws and societal attitudes… Read more »

How to Make a Lasting Impression in Your Next Interview

Even with many accessible resources and guides for interview preparation, people tend to either overlook or overthink the significance of lasting impressions. It is important to end an interview strong in order for the employer or hiring manager to have a positive association and memory of the candidate. It can be very difficult to start… Read more »