Back to School Already?

It seems that as soon as the calendar flips to July, some stores start holding their back to school sales and switch out their red white and blue decorations for Halloween candy.  Commercials flood our TV’s, reminding us that summer is just a temporary break from the chaos and confusion of another school year.  While… Read more »

Hiring is the Reason for the Season

Some people wait all year for their favorite season to start.  They spend the summer shopping for ski jackets on sale and getting their snowboards prepped so that they can head out the first flake they see, but these aren’t the only seasons that exist.  Hiring and job hunting also have seasons where, depending on… Read more »

It all starts with Marty!

Viewers gasp, Buyers drool, and Customers take out their wallets. The shiny and beeping new machines aren’t the newest IPhones or tablets, but rather the newest automations that will make business faster, more efficient, and using less people than ever before.  We have already begun to see them intrude into our ordinary lives.  Whether we… Read more »

Ghost your boyfriend/girlfriend, not your job!

When it becomes time to switch jobs, sometimes the seemingly impossible might happen: you may be interviewing with multiple employers and may possibly end up with multiple offers.  When this happens, it is important to remember that there are ways to ensure that you don’t lose one offer while debating or waiting for another one. … Read more »

Don’t Take a Vacation From Your Career

When most students think of summer, their mind immediately goes to the beach and all of the fun activities that their break will be filled with.  Most students don’t recognize that this “break” can be an integral opportunity to build their resume and push their future to the next level! The most traditional summer career… Read more »

Summer Has Arrived – Time For Vacation

June is here, colleges and schools have closed or are about to close for the summer. Now is the time of year everyone starts planning for vacation. If you are a procrastinator and have not made any summer vacation plans yet, here are some ideas that are local and you can pull off without a… Read more »

Can you Recognize a Heat Related Illness?

The sun is higher and brighter and the summer heat and humidity have hit Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Over the weekend, we saw temperatures approaching 90 in Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery Counties. Here is a list of the types of heat related illnesses and how to recognize and treat them. These illnesses can be very… Read more »

Employers Need to Address Marijuana in the Workplace

As state marijuana laws continue to grow and develop, employers must adjust to how they approach employee’s marijuana use off-duty for both medical and recreational purposes. Attitudes and laws toward marijuana use, regardless for recreational or medical reasons, have been rapidly changing and becoming more widely accepted in society and state laws. Marijuana is becoming… Read more »

The Advantages of Attending Job Fairs

Many companies and staffing agencies attend and invest in setting up booths at career fairs, industry expos and other networking events to maximize their recruiting efforts and minimize the amount of money spent on advertising and promoting open positions. Companies and staffing agencies attend job fairs to attract and acquire potential new hires, and they… Read more »