Temporary work and gig work may have similarities, but they are also very different. There are several key factors in deciding whether temporary work or gig work is right for you. For example, are you looking to beef up your resume, network and expand your skill set? Or are you simply looking for some extra cash during very specific hours that you can work? These are the types of questions that will help you determine which option is best for you. What are some examples of Temporary and Gig jobs? Temporary jobs can last for a few hours to a few years, and you work for a company while getting paid through the staffing agency that placed you there. Gig jobs are more flexible in that you have more control over your hours. Examples of gig jobs including ridesharing, pet sitting/dog walking, freelancing, and food delivery. A gig job can also be a side hustle in addition to a regular full-time or part-time job. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of temporary and gig work?

Advantages of Temporary Work

  • More Steady Income. A temporary job will allow you to have set hours with a pre-determined hourly rate. Your paycheck each week will be based on how many hours you work, but at least you know how many hours on average you will be working.
  • Resume Builder. A temporary job provides you with steady employment on your resume, usually at a reputable company too. This also will allow you to keep your professional skills fresh and provide ample networking opportunities. Many temporary jobs also convert into a permanent job 😊
  • Benefits. Some agencies, like McCallion Staffing, provide their temporary employees a benefit package. Gig workers are responsible for their own benefits.
  • Someone to advocate for you. While on a temporary assignment, your staffing agency is available in case something should ever happen, even if it is simply a dispute between you and your manager. Gig workers are basically on their own without someone to advocate on their behalf should a problem arise.

Advantages of Gig Work

  • Flexible Scheduling. Maybe you can only work very unusual times of the day, or perhaps you can only work for an hour here or an hour there while your partner watches your kids. A gig job is perfect for schedules like this as you can decide when and how much you want to work.
  • Low stress. For some people, food delivery or ridesharing may be less stressful than having other job responsibilities.
  • Can be used as secondary income. A gig job can usually be a second job as the hours are flexible and minimal if needed.
  • Independence. A gig job allows you a lot of freedom to set your own schedule. While this is a huge perk depending on your lifestyle at the time, the downside is that your income will be very inconsistent.

Overall, temporary work and gig work are both great options if you are currently working. I mean, at least you are working and bringing home a paycheck, right!? Based on your needs and your family’s needs at the time, one option may be better suited for you than the other. Either way, we wish all of you job seekers out there the best of luck!

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