If you have searched for a job online, which many of you probably have, you most likely came across several job postings from different staffing agencies on behalf of their clients. You may ask yourself why there are so many job postings online from staffing agencies. This can seem a little overwhelming during your job search, but there is a good reason! Employers hire staffing agencies to help them find and hire employees. You can think of a staffing agency as an extension of a company’s human resources department. Employers utilize staffing agencies for many different reasons, such as if their internal HR department is overwhelmed and too busy to find and interview candidates on their own. Another reason a company may use a staffing agency is if they need to hire someone temporarily or immediately due to an emergency, medical leave, and so on. Staffing agencies have a large database of job seekers who are available short-term or long-term. This enables them to quickly provide an employer with candidates who will fit their needs. So now that you know why staffing agencies exist (and why they are important!), let’s discuss how a staffing agency can help YOU!

1. FLEXIBILITY. Do you need to work certain hours so you can get your kids on/off the bus? Do you need part-time hours? Do you only want to work for the summer or during the holiday break? This is where a staffing agency can help! You would discuss the work schedule you need when you initially register with a staffing agency. The recruiters will only contact you about jobs that suit your schedule. Believe it or not, these type of jobs with flexible or super random hours exist. Employers truly value when candidates have flexibility to work unconventional schedules, too!

2. ACCESS TO UNIQUE COMPANIES. An awesome thing about staffing agencies is that they work with companies across every industry. Some companies may be huge, and others may be small. Oftentimes, a staffing agency will work with companies who you never even heard of, because they don’t advertise or post their own jobs online. We have found that these can be some of the best companies to work for as they are very close-knit and value their employees like family. Regarding some of the bigger companies, utilizing a staffing agency can also be the best route to go. Why? Because when a staffing agency submits your resume to the hiring manager or company recruiter, it won’t go down the deep dark hole like when you submit it via the company’s career page. As recruiters, we have access to an actual human at the company and we can speak with them about your experience.

3. ADVOCATE ON YOUR BEHALF. Maybe your resume has some gaps or isn’t as great as you’d like it to be. Maybe you want to switch careers and try something new, but you don’t have the experience yet. Or maybe you are simply looking for your first job ever or re-enter the workforce after a long time off.  That’s where we can *really* help you. How can we help? As mentioned before, we can talk to a real, live human when we submit your resume. We can personally tell the hiring manager how amazing you are, and that you are ready to try something new. We can explain how your computer skills are off the chart, and given the chance, you can learn their software in no time.

These are just a few reasons why working with a staffing agency is a great choice for you and your career. Let us do the hard work so you can focus on the important things – like nailing your first interview!

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