Believe it or not, companies are still battling for top job candidates. Competition for top talent soared exponentially during the Pandemic and has not slowed down. For the most part, job seekers received multiple, competitive offers which gave them a wonderful opportunity to choose where they wanted to work. The pendulum has swung slightly, and job seekers are not receiving multiple offers or being pursued as quickly as they were during the Pandemic. Many companies have slowed down their hiring or put new job requisitions on hold until the economy perks up. Existing employees have also taken on more work, lessening the need to hire a new employee and add a headcount.

              So why, now, is candidate sentiment bitter and negative? Is it because they got used to being chased by multiple Employers? Or is it because they had better bargaining power when negotiating their salary during the days of the Pandemic? The data being reported says NO! Job seekers understood that the pandemonium of the Pandemic was fleeting. The reason why they are bitter is because (drumroll, please!) the recruiting process took too long and they feel their time was disrespected! This has been a problem for over the last decade when the internet became the main route to submit job applications. Applicants feel as though they are submitting their resume and application into a dark hole, never to be heard from again. People are tired of it. Many job applications take upwards of twenty minutes to complete. It is rude to not acknowledge someone else’s time, even if they are not a good fit for the position.

              Applicants are expecting better communication from Employers. This includes setting expectations throughout the hiring process, providing feedback regarding interviews, and being transparent. For example, every candidate should be made aware that a hiring manager is interviewing multiple candidates and a decision won’t be reached for several weeks. That is the best way to respect each candidate’s time and it also ensures clear communication. This also gives more power to the candidate, as they can continue their job search without any assumptions. We all know the saying “Communication is Key”. Is something holding up the process? Does there need to be approval for a new headcount? Tell the candidate!  Employers are not exempt from this standard! The Golden Rule of all recruiting and hiring should be to communicate with candidates throughout the entire process regardless of the outcome. We hope, for the sake of all job seekers, that more Employers improve their hiring process!

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