If you are a job seeker or employer, you may have thought about utilizing a staffing agency for help finding a job or finding employees. Staffing agencies have been around for decades and each one is different. Some agencies specialize in certain industries or types of jobs while other agencies do a little bit of everything. However, there are a few things that you can always expect while working with any staffing agency:

For Jobseekers:

  • Make sure you are prepared to talk about your resume, work experience, and your work history. For example, why did you leave job X to go to job Y? What did you enjoy about your past jobs? What responsibilities, if any, would you like to avoid in your next job? If you do not have a resume, then you need to create one immediately. You can find our free resume template here.
  • The Staffing Agency will work diligently to match you with a job that fits your salary range, location, and skill set. Some agencies will give you a dedicated recruiter. Other agencies, like McCallion Staffing, have a team of recruiters that work together to find you a position.
  • Communication can make or break your success with a staffing agency. This industry moves FAST. Recruiters will contact suitable candidates for a position and submit them to the company if appropriate. A recruiter will likely not submit you unless they hear back from you. If you don’t respond to a recruiter after several days of being contacted, there is a large possibility that the open position is already closed. We cannot stress this enough! You should still respond to the recruiter even if you aren’t interested in the position being presented. Why? You can inform them as to why you are not interested and ask them to please continue searching for other opportunities for you.
  • Expect the unexpected. Sometimes the stars will align, and a recruiter will present you with a job much sooner than you thought possible. Or it may take a few weeks, if ever. Staffing agencies are at the mercy of their clients. If their clients don’t have any openings that are suitable with what you are looking for, then unfortunately it becomes a waiting game until something more fitting becomes available. A huge perk is that staffing agencies generally work with companies who are very difficult to get into – so think of it as having secret access to some of the area’s most valued companies!

For Employers:

  • A written job description of the open position is always the most helpful. Have an idea of the salary or hourly pay range in mind as it will be one of the first questions a recruiter will ask you. We also ask that you have an idea on the timeframe for the position. For example, is it temporary, temp-to-hire or a direct-hire position? This greatly effects how a staffing agency recruits for the position.
  • A Recruiter will often want to know your timeframe. Did you want to hire someone yesterday, or are you in the early phases of sourcing the open position?
  • Open, reliable communication plays a huge role in the success of filling the job. A Recruiter will send you several resumes for review. The quicker you review the resumes and respond to set up interviews determines how quickly the Recruiter can book the interviews and get the process started. If you wait a week to review and respond, the candidates may not even be available anymore as they may have gone on interviews elsewhere.
  • Prepare to make changes if necessary. If you are a Bucks County or Montgomery County Employer, then you know how competitive the labor market is. There may be instances where you need to raise the pay rate, offer overtime, change the starting hours, and so forth. We know that some changes are acceptable, and others are not. You can rely on your partnered staffing agency to provide you with honest guidance when it comes to making any changes or negotiations when hiring.

Staffing Agencies act as a middleman between job seekers and employers. Think of us as the ultimate match maker! As mentioned earlier, not all Staffing Agencies are created equal. Do your research and talk to a Recruiter or Account Manager on the phone. Vet their process and how they conduct business. If you are looking for work or looking to hire in Montgomery or Bucks County, feel free to call us at 215-855-8000. We are happy to speak with you and let you pick our brains!

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