You may have heard the new term “Quiet Hiring” creeping around lately, and it comes as no surprise after all the talk we have heard about Quiet Quitting the past two years. As a reminder, Quiet Quitting is when an employee does the absolute bare minimum to get by, with complete lack of excitement and enthusiasm. So then, what exactly does Quiet Hiring mean? Well, it can mean a few different things:

  • Employers quietly promote and embrace their top performing employees
  • Employers reshuffle their top performers into new or different roles within the company – temporarily or permanently
  • Temporary contractors are hired to help fill the voids, allowing the Employer to bypass hiring full-time employees

Why is this happening right now? Quiet Hiring is happening in response to the on-going labor shortage and quiet quitting. Companies are looking to gain and retain the best talent, all while trying to achieve their best interests and goals. Top performers are being recognized and rewarded, and those who have been performing at sub-par levels are missing potential opportunities to grow and advance their career. It almost seems as if it is a game of chicken. Will the employee operate below standards long enough to be the only person left in the department who hasn’t been promoted? Or will the Employer make the under-achieving employee’s workday so miserable and awkward that the employee has no choice but to actually quit?

There are quite a few perks to Quiet Hiring, though. This is the best time for top performers to rise and shine. Prove to your manager that you are their best employee and deserve more. They are watching closely, and they will notice. Outperform your co-workers who are just floating by. You can completely change the trajectory of your career by offering your hard work and dedication to your Employer right now. They need you more than ever. Another perk is for contractors, whether short-term or long-term. If you can take on a contract role at a reputable company, you should grab it with open arms! They will find every way possible to keep you permanently if you put in the work and excel in the position. This is a golden opportunity to get your foot in the door at some of the best companies in the world. Prove to the company that you deserve that role over someone else. Take advantage of the void left by quiet quitters, because who knows how long it will last!

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