As we approach the end of the year, we can reflect on what we learned throughout the course of 2022. It has been refreshing to see many aspects of life get back to “normal”! Many things have changed – maybe forever – but we have accepted our new normal ways of life and made changes accordingly. This is what we, as a Recruiting Agency, have learned in 2022:

  • Job seekers, for the most part, still desire remote or hybrid work schedules
  • Pay rates in our local area have increased across the board over the past two years
  • Many job seekers are not interested in interviewing in person; they are content with virtual interviews
  • High gas prices and increased childcare expenses are a huge factor for people who are on the fence about re-entering the workforce
  • Gig jobs are still popular for people who want a flexible schedule
  • Layoffs are happening and hiring is slowing down
  • Mental health and work-life balance policies are one of the top priorities candidates look for when evaluating new employers
  • A lack of common courtesy/lack of professionalism has become somewhat normalized (ghosting, no call/no show to work, quitting without notice, etc.) across every industry and pay scale

We have made changes, too. McCallion Staffing no longer requires in-person interviews. We don’t feel the need for people to spend money on gas to come to our office when we can “meet” virtually for free.  We have also made our whole registration process, including onboarding paperwork, electronic. In addition, we implemented a new timecard and payroll system. What has stayed the same at McCallion Staffing? We continue to only work with companies who treat and pay their employees well. We also pride ourselves for our open lines of communication with our job seekers. We will always be in touch regarding the hiring process; we won’t just leave you hanging. A Recruiter will always be available for you to speak with. While many of our processes have changed, our fundamentals have stayed the same.

We hope 2023 brings hope, joy, and prosperity to all!

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