Let’s be honest – starting a new job is scary. It is even scarier after stepping away from the workforce to stay home with your children or avoid working throughout the pandemic. You may want to take a step back – or make a total change – in your career. Maybe you always wanted to switch industries or try something new. Perhaps sitting at a computer desk all day was never a good fit for your lifestyle. Well, we have good news for you. NOW is the time to take a risk and try something new! Why? Employers are desperate for hardworking individuals, and they are flexible in terms of your previous experience. Jobs that previously had a laundry list of prerequisites are now more open and attainable. Here are a few tips on how to move forward with successfully re-entering the workforce:

  • Your resume must look perfect. Don’t skimp out on your resume. If you have been at home the last two years because your kids were doing school virtually, make sure that information is on your resume. You can simply label it as “Stay at home parent” with the date you began to stay at home. Include information about what you did. Did you take control and organize the household finances in Microsoft Excel? Did you coordinate all your kids’ activities while they were at home? Employers want to know what you have been doing. No one is here to judge. It will benefit you to include as much information as possible so an employer can see that you have transferrable skills.
  • Reflect on the top priorities you need. Do you prefer flexibility in your schedule? Do you want to go to an office or work remotely? Will you accept a lower salary if the company offers you an amazing benefit package? Try to have a good understanding of what you want/need before accepting any job offers. It is best to go into this process with your wish list in place, so no one gets strung along. It is not a big deal to decline an interview or offer if you know the company cannot give you what you need. Thank you, next!
  • Search, apply, communicate!  There are many ways to search for jobs right now. You can use Careerbuilder, Monster, Indeed and Facebook groups if you’d like to search online. If you have a specific company you’d like to work at, your best bet is to apply via their website directly. You can also utilize a Staffing Agency such as McCallion Staffing (this is a free service for you!). Staffing agencies often recruit for jobs that are not posted publicly. Think of it like a best kept secret about how to get into some of the most desirable companies in Montgomery & Bucks County! Communication is essential when looking for a new job. Timely, well-thought responses to employer correspondence can and will put you ahead of any competition you may face. It is the age of “ghosting”. Break away from that trend and communicate!

Don’t stress too much about returning to the workforce. Employers are welcoming new employees with open-arms and overlooking requirements that were previously status-quo. A staffing agency can act as a second set of eyes for you, in addition to having exclusive job openings that are not posted publicly. Job boards are also always a good resource to see who is hiring and how much companies are paying in your area. Ready to get back to work? The time is now!

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