Spring has sprung, and Employers continue to look for qualified employees to join their team. Unfortunately, a historic number of people quit their jobs in March – 4.5 million people! Quits continue to hit record highs as employees search for more convenient working accommodations and higher wages. This situation is beyond stressful for Employers across all industries. As an Employer, what can you do to keep your staff from jumping ship?

  • Try to keep everyone happy & content. Remind your staff of the perks they have working for your company that differentiate you from the rest. Maybe it is flexibility, open-lines of communication, low-stress environment, job security, free-reign to manage your workflow, minimal red tape, and so on. Perks don’t always have to be tangible!
  • Make the best of what you can. Employers may be in a tough spot, financially, due to supply chain issues. You may not be able to hand out raises and bonuses right now. Try to get creative with what you can offer. Free lunch Fridays, summer hours, a hybrid work schedule, an extra day off for a holiday…something that shows you are willing to give your employees a treat!
  • Stay positive. The last two years have been so tumultuous. Employees want affirmation that their jobs are secure and that things will improve. Even if you are personally nervous about the future of your company/industry, stay positive and upbeat for your employees rather than expressing fear or uncertainty.

None of these suggestions are failproof, but they certainly won’t hurt either. An employee who is adamant about leaving will ultimately leave. Interestingly, many of the people who quit now regret their decision and want to return to their previous employer. Consider allowing previous good-standing employees return to your workforce. The training and onboarding will be minimal, and it could also help boost morale of other employees who are starting to look for greener pastures!

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