The “Great Resignation” is affecting employers across the nation. Many of the Baby Boomers retired early, women across the country were forced to stay at home with their children, and millions of employees have reevaluated their life and work situation overall. Employees have felt undervalued by employers for quite some time now, and the pandemic escalated millions of people’s feelings towards their workplace. Many people are no longer willing to compromise or “settle”. They want flexibility, benefits, competitive salary – and they will hold out until they find exactly what they want.

It is critical for employers to retain and engage their current employees, who are most likely overworked and feeling undervalued as they pick up the slack from the Great Resignation. It is time for Employers to get creative and really assess what will make their existing employees happy and content, whether it is in the form of flexible working arrangements, higher compensation, a hybrid work model, more PTO days, and so forth. Every company is different, and it is up to employers to customize and tailor their plan to keep employees engaged, especially during this time of low morale. Check-in with your team, offer them support and recognize their efforts to stay afloat with heavier workloads. This continues to be a very challenging time, and those who have proven loyal to their employers (especially throughout the pandemic) should be recognized!

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