Searching for a job online can be very overwhelming. There are opportunities everywhere – across every industry- and they all offer different perks, salaries, and schedules. So, what exactly should you be doing to narrow down your search? There are several areas where you want to focus your attention when scanning through job descriptions or speaking to a recruiter.

  • Location. What is the exact working location? Will you have to travel between multiple job sites?
  • Pay schedule. Does the company pay weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly? Will you be a W-2 (hourly) or 1099 (independent contractor) employee?
  • Working hours. What time does your actual shift start and on what days? Is your end time at a specific time, or when you finish your workload? Does the company offer overtime, and if so, at what rate?
  • What is the hiring process? Are the interviews in-person or virtual? Is a Drug & Background screening required? Do you accept medical marijuana cards? How long does the hiring process generally last?
  • Flexibility. Is there an opportunity to work from home? If so, how often? Is there a dress code? Are there any specific items needed to do the job properly, such as PPE or steel-tipped boots?

These are all important questions you should know prior to accepting a position. Every company is unique and offers different benefits to their employees. Don’t hesitate to ask these questions early on. It will only benefit you as you navigate through your job search!

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