Temporary jobs can offer an excellent way to expand your skill sets, try out a new career path (or industry) and even bring in supplemental income while you continue to search for a permanent position within your field. Some people say they fear temporary work and that it isn’t “stable”. We must wonder though… is any job really “stable” anymore?  Over ninety percent of our temporary jobs are temp-to-hire, meaning that the company plans on converting the temporary employee to a permanent employee once they know it is a good fit (and assuming they still have money in the budget). On the other hand, some people look exclusively for temporary work as they desire the flexibility – work the weeks you want, take time off in between jobs, take the summer off to spend time with your kids, and the list goes on!

So, why should YOU choose a temp job this summer?

  • Try out the job before you commit. You can easily walk away if the job isn’t a good fit. No pressure and no hard feelings!
  • Gain experience. It may not be your dream job, but it will give you skills that are required for your dream job!
  • Flexibility! You can choose a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly assignment. Want to take breaks in between assignments? You got it!
  • Make extra money every week! Receive a paycheck every week while you continue to look for a permanent job in the field you desire. Now that is a win-win!

We have a ton of great opportunities with extremely competitive pay rates at some of the best organizations in Montgomery & Bucks County. Call today at 215-855-8000 to speak with a recruiter!

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