The past year has been chaotic to say the least. As we slowly try to get back to “normal”, people may wonder when the best time is to get back into the workforce. Should you wait until most of your community is vaccinated? Is it best to wait until the Fall in hopes that things calm down a bit? Maybe we should take the summer off before getting back to the daily grind? Below are four reasons why NOW is the best time to jump back into the workforce.

  1. NOW is the best time to obtain a contract-to-hire position. Why? Because employers need YOU! They need you on a permanent basis too, assuming the job is a good fit on both ends. This is a primetime opportunity to get into companies that are typically very challenging to get a foot in the door.
  2. The best pay rates are being offered NOW. Why? Because employers are valuing your time and know how big of a decision it is to rejoin the workforce. For that reason, employers are willing to pay premium pay rates to secure the best employees possible during these challenging times.
  3. Take advantage of minimal competition. Why? Because you are up against less competition when you apply to jobs right now. This makes the chances of you being hired much more likely. This also helps you get into companies that are typically very picky and difficult to get hired.
  4. Prevent having extended gaps on your resume. Employers want to see that your skills are up-to-date and that you are willing and able to hit the ground running when you begin your new job. Extended gaps on your resume – although sometimes completely unavoidable – can count against you. If you were tied with another candidate for a position, but the other candidate did not have an extended gap on their resume, they would likely pull through to get the offer.

If you are willing and able to rejoin the workforce right now, do it! You could make some serious lemonade out of lemons by taking advantage of increased pay rates, excellent opportunities at very desirable employers, comprehensive benefit packages when converted to a permanent employee, and best of all – growing your career faster than normal.

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