It goes without saying that the pandemic has changed the scope of traditional employment as we knew it. In some ways, the pandemic has brought many changes that are beneficial to employees and job seekers. For example, many job seekers are not bound by geographical constraints due to the increasing flexibility of remote work. Are you thinking of switching jobs? Do you feel it is time to advance your career? Keep reading!

  1. Apply to jobs even if they seem a bit out of reach. Employers need employees. Period. Many employers are desperate to find high quality, well-rounded and reliable employees. Now is the time to apply to those jobs that you thought you were a tad underqualified for. Highlight the transferrable skills you possess and explain how they will carry on to your new position. Sometimes it is convenient to create several versions of your resume, each one highlighting different skills and experience that would be desired in each job description. Cast a wide net!
  2. Target your search by company – not job title. Make a list of companies you’d love to work for. Maybe you respect their industry, value their mission, or maybe they just offer a great benefit package! Find out the best venue to apply – whether it is through an agency they work with or directly through their website. Check the company’s LinkedIn page to see if you have any mutual connections. If you do, don’t be shy – write a note to your connection that you recently applied or that you are interested in applying. Maybe they can help! Many companies offer incentives for referrals, so there is something in it for them, too!
  3. Never appear desperate. You want to appear confident. After all, the company is lucky to have you as an applicant, right!? You are the only one who holds your experience and knowledge, and that is exactly what you will bring to the table should you be hired. You are not there to just fill a job. Rather, you are bringing ideas and solutions to the table that will benefit the organization in many ways. This approach will create more of a conversation during the interview rather than a one-sided questionnaire.

There are many new job opportunities available despite the pandemic. Now is the time to make a change if you are thinking about exploring new opportunities. Employers are flexible and open to hiring in new ways with a novel set of standards. Contact us today at 215-855-8000 to jumpstart your job search!

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