There were many challenges brought on by 2020. Unemployment skyrocketed, many businesses were forced to close their doors forever and the unemployment rate climbed higher than it had been in years. Fortunately, many of our clients remained open and continued hiring in leaps and bounds due to an increased demand in their supply chain. A whopping 60% of our contractors converted to full-time, permanent employees in 2020. Out of our entire workforce, 30% were used strictly on a temporary basis (which was known when the job was accepted) and 10% were not converted to a permanent employee for one reason or another. Now is the time to give contract-to-hire jobs a try! Our clients in Bucks County and Montgomery County are offering very competitive salaries and excellent benefits. Some are even offering sign-on bonuses. In fact, many of our contract-to-hire employees were paid bonuses and hazard pay during the height of the pandemic. Our clients will help you during this tumultuous time. McCallion Staffing offers all our contractors a mini-medical insurance plan until you are converted to a permanent employee. In addition, we are currently offering $200 referral bonuses. Contact us at 215-855-8000 today!

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