Receiving a permanent offer for employment weighs heavily on many temporary employee’s minds. While the decision is largely influenced as to whether the company has money in the budget and a long-term need for another permanent employee, there are several things you can do to help increase your chances of becoming a permanent employee while on a temporary assignment. 

1. Treat the job as if it were a permanent position. Don’t fool around because it’s “just a temp job”. Every job is a great opportunity for you to build your resume, skills and network. It is also a good opportunity to gain more references. Arrive on time, dressed appropriately, and ready to work. The goal is to show your boss how great your work ethic is, and that you can be their next best permanent employee if given the opportunity. 

2. Have a good attitude and enthusiasm. Even if it isn’t your particular dream job, have a good attitude and be enthusiastic. Ask your boss for more work if you finish your tasks quicker than anticipated. Show how eager you are to tackle more work and a willingness to help the company succeed.

3. Reliability and punctuality is more important than you know. Arriving to work on time is so important. You should be ready to work at your assigned start time. For example, if your assignment starts at 8:30am, then you should be logged on at your desk, coffee made, ready to start work for the day.

4. Show an interest in the company and people who work there. Did the company just launch a new product? Are they rolling out a new marketing campaign? Get excited! Show a genuine interest in what the company does and any new success they have. Don’t ostracize yourself because you are a temp. Socialize with co-workers when appropriate and learn more about the company and their culture.

5. Express your desire to work at the company long-term. Express to your boss that you have really enjoyed working at their company, and that you would be interested in applying for any permanent positions that become available in the future. Also, stay in touch with your recruiter. Let them know you would be interested staying at the company where you are currently temping. Your recruiter may be able to help you out by letting the hiring managers know you are interested in permanent employment. 

Following these five tips will certainly increase your chances of converting to a permanent employee. However, there are never any guarantees, and ultimately the company must have money in their budget to support another permanent employee salary. On a good note, we have seen many temporary employees convert to a permanent employee even when there was no permanent job opening when the temporary assignment began. There are also many benefits of temporary work regardless of converting to a permanent employee, so enjoy it! Best of luck!

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