The Pandemic has forced many employers to figure things out on the fly with very little ramp up time or planning. Each day brings new challenges and obstacles, but we all continue to grow and learn the best we can. It has become increasingly difficult to find employees during this time. Many people have picked up gig jobs, chose to stay home with their kids or simply decided to wait out the pandemic before re-entering the workforce. The market has changed and hiring strategies must follow.  Today’s employers need a well thought out approach to recruiting that includes the following six elements:

  1. Competitive Compensation — paying well is perhaps the most important part of any hiring strategy.  Retail jobs and gig work such as Uber and DoorDash have increased their wages and offer a flexible work schedule. You need to make sure the compensation you’re offering falls in line with the rest of the market. You may also need to sweeten the pot in order to compete with some of the larger companies. For example, offering one work-from-home day a week could really go a long way.
  2. Compelling Benefits — in addition to salary, job seekers are concerned about perks and bonus opportunities.   Ask employees which perks they value most, in order to offer a more attractive, personalized benefits package.  Healthcare and retirement plans are always big favorites.
  3. Hiring Internally — sometimes the best candidate is already part of the team.  Create an incentive for existing employees to step up their game and prove they’re ready for more responsibility.  This could take less time than launching an external search and make for an easier transitional period since the candidate is already familiar with company culture and policies.
  4. A “Why Are We Different?” Story — treat your job postings the way you would want candidates to treat their resumes.  Make them stand out and show what makes your business culture so special.  Ask existing employees why they like working at your company so much.  Use their feedback to advertise an open position. This is especially important now that people need to gain your trust while working through a pandemic. Employees want to feel a sense of protection from their employer.
  5. Employee Referral Program — incentivize your employees to help recruit by offering bonuses for bringing in qualified candidates.  Everybody knows someone who needs a job.
  6. A Comeback Culture — keep the door open to former employees who left on good terms.  They will always consider coming back if they know they are welcome.

When in doubt, consult the experts!  Instead of drying up your own resources, enlist a reputable staffing agency such as McCallion Staffing.  Agency recruiters can cover more ground in a shorter period of time and help you find the perfect candidate for your organization. We can help you grow your workforce during the Pandemic and beyond. Contact us here or call us at 215-855-8000. Stay safe!

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