Let’s talk about contract-to-hire positions. They have been quite popular for some time now, especially the last decade since the recession. Contract-to-hire jobs allow you to begin an assignment as a contracted employee for a given amount of time, with the possibility of receiving an offer for permanent employment. Some people hear “contract job” and decide that it isn’t the right path for them without knowing or understanding exactly what goes into a contract position. There are pros and cons, as there is with taking any new position. Let’s discuss how contract-to-hire positions can benefit you.

  1. Immediate start dates and flexibility. The process for contract-to-hire jobs is typically very fast. An interview, drug & background screening may be required – but then you are clear to begin your new assignment. Some assignments will forgo the interview and just have you start. In addition, many contract-to-hire jobs pay weekly which is a bonus for you!
  2. Test the waters before you jump in. Try before you buy! Contract-to-hire allows you to decide if you actually like the company, your job responsibilities and duties, and the people you work with. Many people quit their job because they do not like their manager. This gives you first-hand experience to determine if the job will be a good fit for you over the long-term.
  3. Networking & resume building. Contract and contract-to-hire assignments give you access to organizations that can be very difficult to get in to. Many of our clients rely on us to fill their employment needs, granting us sole access to bringing new candidates to their door. Sometimes it is really challenging to get your foot in the door – but we can help you do it!
  4. Make money! Above anything, a contract-to-hire assignment will provide you with a paycheck and money to put food on the table. You can always choose to end your assignment if you are not happy with the position. More often than not, people enjoy it while it lasts and excitedly await being converted to a permanent employee at the end of their contract.

Consider accepting a contract-to-hire position if you are seeking employment at this time. Many agencies, including McCallion Staffing, offer health benefits throughout the contract assignment. Permanent employment may sound more stable, but in reality, no job is ever fully guaranteed. Let’s give it a shot! Call our Recruiters today at 215-855-8000.

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