Your resume is the beginning of your job search and it reflects you and your career path. Recruiters and hiring managers view your resume as your professional story. From reading your resume, we can learn about how you grew your career, expanded your skills, and gained new experience. Most people find the task of creating or updating a resume extremely daunting. It can be a lot of work to sit down and reflect about your previous work experience! But fear not, because your friends here at McCallion Staffing can help you (for FREE….yes, FREE!) put together a wonderful resume that proves you are the best suited candidate for the position you’re applying for! 😊 Here is what you need to know when you start writing your resume…

  1. Format matters. Your resume should look professional and be easy to read. Your contact information should be located below your name at the top of your resume. Make sure your phone number and email address are accurate. List your previous employers in a bold font or underlined. Include bullet points with your job duties and responsibilities. It is also helpful to include a sentence describing the type of business of your previous employers (packaging company, marketing agency, etc.)
  2. Honesty counts. Don’t fudge your resume. Don’t embellish your work experience. You want your next employer to know what skills you have and what you’re capable of achieving. You also don’t want to portray a skill set that may be expected of you on day one.
  3. Offer an Objective. Explain in a few sentences what you are looking for and what you can provide your next employer.
  4. Brag about YOU! Now is your chance to show the world why YOU are the best candidate for the position. Explain your current/past job responsibilities, brag about your biggest accomplishments, disclose how you saved your employer money….. you get the picture! List the main duties you held on a daily basis and let everyone know why you were a critical asset to each company you worked for.

Need some inspiration or want someone to review your resume as you embark on your next journey? Look no further. Contact McCallion staffing today!

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