Well, summer is officially almost over. As we move towards Fall, we can’t help but feel thankful that some people have been called back to work who were laid-off or furloughed, that companies are in a rush to hire new employees, and that everyone we have worked with has continued to cooperate with COVID-19 requirements. Everyone at McCallion staffing is extremely optimistic that our local job seekers will secure employment (and quickly!) if or when they are ready to rejoin the workforce.

Are you unsure if you should go back to work? Do you want to consider taking this opportunity to make a change in your career? Are you simply in need of advice and curious what everyone else is doing? Give us a call at 215-855-8000 and pick our brains! We would love to chat and give you some details about what we are seeing. We have many great opportunities that are ready when you are!

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