If you are a parent, you know firsthand how difficult the childcare and schooling situation has been the last few months. It is incredibly difficult to play the roles of an employee, parent, and teacher.  Childcare was difficult even before the pandemic. Will I get the kids to the bus on time? Who will pick the kids up from school while I am at work? Will the cost of daycare outweigh my net income? These were already very difficult questions to navigate, and now, given the pandemic situation, figuring out work and childcare seems nearly impossible. Here is the thing – DON’T give up looking for a job right now!

  • Many employers are being very flexible. We are all in this together, and employers understand the situation you are in. You are not the only one facing these challenges. This means that employers have to offer flexibility if they are going to keep their employees. Remember – businesses cannot make money if they don’t have employees.
  • Shift work is in high demand. Maybe you can stagger your shift in order to arrange childcare while you are at work. Perhaps you could swing part-time hours, or solely weekend week, so that you have coverage at home. This could be a feasible option in the interim as you continue to search for other jobs in your field. Many pay rates for shift work have increased, which is a huge plus!
  • You are up against less competition. This is your time to shine if you have been in the job market for a while or trying to get into a specific industry/company. You are up against significantly less competition. Take the job now while you can! Employers are anticipating that in a few months the “flood gates” will open and everyone will be applying to jobs at the same time. And I mean everyone.

Eventually, things will go back to some sort of normal. Everyone will have to go back to work or find a new job. Schools will have to open their doors. Life will move forward. Continue to think about your future despite the current challenges facing our society. You can still reach your long-term goals, especially if you take advantage of the current job market. Need advice or want to bounce ideas off our Account Managers and Recruiters? Give us a call! We may have a job that fits your schedule perfectly. You can always reach us at 215-855-8000.

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