What should we all do as we plan on moving forward with business during Covid-19? This is such a hard question to answer as we try to balance our responsibilities and goals against the risks we still face during the pandemic. As a business, there are a few things we can do to prepare ourselves for when the pandemic begins to lessen, such as:

· Prepare your re-open strategy if you haven’t done so already. At some point, business will move forward, even if it is a modified version.

· Keep former employees close. Many companies may open overnight, in which case the flood gates will open for recruiting and hiring.

· Maintain a strong pipeline. Stay connected with candidates by phone, e-mail or video. Don’t be shy when it comes to communicating and following up!

It seems that Work from Home and remote work is here to stay even when COVID-19 dissipates.  Many employers are now seeking new employees from all over the country. This has enabled employers to diversify their workforce, increase their pool of candidates and secure the greatest talent available.

Employees are also relieved that they will not have to relocate their families for a new job. Many companies have reported that productivity from home has been better than initially expected. The traditional landscape of countless businesses will forever change. Smaller offices (if any) and a more diverse and remote workforce may very well become the new normal. It will be interesting to see what the future holds!

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