The last few months have been very challenging for all of us. As some states and counties start to open, we are trying to figure out how we move forward. We can assume some things will never be the same. All of us will stockpile extra supplies for home and work. Everyone now knows the terms PPE and social distancing. In the past, when we saw someone wearing a face mask, it seemed very odd and out of place, now it is commonplace.

While we wait for the shutdown to be lifted, how do we plan to reopen and what precautions do we take to keep our employees safe without disrupting our daily operations?

Many businesses are spreading their employees out as much as possible to try and keep at least 6 feet between everyone. Shifts and start times are changing to accommodate social distancing as well as allow time for employees to get their temperature checked as they enter the building. Do we stagger the days in the building so some people continue to work remotely a few days per week? Masks might be required. Lunch breaks must change – no more large groups of people in one area. Break times can be staggered more, people can eat in their cars or at their desks. What about the bathrooms, do we wipe them down after every use?

Every business and employee have lots of questions. We will figure this out together. Since other states have started opening before Pennsylvania, we can learn from their mistakes. The sooner we can eliminate the threat of the virus, the sooner we can get back to some type of new normal.

Here is a link to the CDC Guidance to Reopening

Let’s hope we can reopen soon, and we are all successful in keeping our employees safe!

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