Age related put downs and slurs have no business in the workplace despite their prominence on social media, especially twitter. The workplace is designed to be inclusive and a hostile, toxic environment is detrimental to all employees – whether they are involved in spreading slurs or not. Some of the most common put downs towards the older workforce is “OK Boomer” and the most common put down for the younger generation of the workforce is “Snowflake”.

Stereotyping against age in the workplace is very dangerous territory. Older workers may already feel as though they are being passed up for promotions and younger workers are sensitive to the stigma that Millennials are weak and lazy. So, how can we help combat this issue? Training employees on age sensitivity will play a huge role in reducing and hopefully eliminating ageism. Employees need to try and understand where each other are coming from. Another type of training that may prove beneficial is implicit bias training, which teaches you to not automatically dislike what is different from you. This is so important as the workforce continues to grow more diverse every year!

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