Once the holidays are over and people have finally gotten over the New Year hangover, job seekers should push hard for new positions and begin working for the new career that they are looking for.  Whether its applying at the right time, brushing up your resume, or looking at different fields, a new year can bring with it new changes.   With the New Year comes new opportunity, if you are ready to grab them!

When it comes to looking for jobs, January and February are usually considered the top months to look for positions.  Most companies have their budgets reset in January, so they are flush with money to hire new employees.  They are also looking to implement new plans for the year, so they may be creating new positions or new departments that meet company needs.  These months usually start slow for a few weeks as people get back into the flow after winter vacation, but then they can explode with hiring in the middle of January and February.  This can lead to more positions being posted and new chances to get into a company that is growing with the new year. 

The start of the New Year is also a great time to refresh your resume and add or replace things that aren’t working for you.  Update any new positions or skills you may have earned.  If you had a new position in the past year, make sure it is listed and eliminate any gaps in the time you have been looking.  Is your resume highlighting skills that you want to use this year, or does it show the skills that you had last year?  Make sure it is as current as it possibly can be.  If you want new results in the New Year, then you need to make sure that you are showing the best of yourself in your resume.

A final way to find a new job in the New Year is to possibly consider other fields that may be related to or can transfer skills from your current one.  Some skills that can transfer over can be technical skills, communication ability, creativity, leadership, critical thinking, or multitasking.  Highlighting these skills and how they were used in a previous position can show employers that you can handle the rigors of the new position even if you don’t have experience in it.  This is where creativity and thinking outside of the box can make you accessible to positions and fields that you haven’t considered in the past. 

When it comes to resolutions for the New Year, don’t just get locked into working out, or avoiding bad habits, think about finding the right job for you!  If you think about some of these tips, like applying at the right time, refreshing your resume with some new skills, or by thinking about new fields and transferable skills, you can make a resolution to improve your situation!  Good Hunting!

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