The holiday season, while full of holly and jolly, is typically very hectic and busy. Applying to job postings may be the last thing on your mind. This could be a big mistake though as many companies are looking to hire for the start of the New Year. The job application and interview process may move a tad slower than normal due to holiday vacations and scheduling conflicts… but it will still move forward. Here are four reasons to ramp up your job search during the holidays:

  1. Companies are always hiring no matter the time of year. There is always a reason for a job opening – whether it is because someone retired, got a new job, had a baby, etc. These circumstances can happen at any time. It is important to keep your job search active and not miss out on any opportunities – even if you’re busy prepping for the holidays.
  2. Less competition. Since a lot of people do put their job search on hold during the holidays, it can increase your chances of being selected for an interview if you have less competition.
  3. Contract jobs could become long-term or permanent.  Employers love great employees. If you work hard, arrive on time, and do the job asked of you – there is a good chance that you will be asked to stay on board if there is an opening. A holiday job can open many doors for long-term employment, even if it is as simple as networking and making new connections.
  4. Make extra money for the holidays. Who doesn’t need some extra dough to buy holiday gifts?

Never stop your job hunt over the holidays and always keep an eye out on who typically hires additional employees over the holiday season. Retail positions generally hire many employees to get through the holiday season but these positions may require you to work nights and weekends. Consider picking up a contract or contract-to-hire position at one of McCallion Staffing’s local clients this season!  We would be happy to assist you throughout your job search.

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