The end of the year is approaching and as you reflect on the past few months, you may realize that your workload has significantly increased and you’ve taken on a lot more responsibility. Is it time to ask your boss for a raise? The thought of asking for a raise can be absolutely terrifying. Consider these 5 steps when planning to ask your boss for a bump in pay:

  1. Timing is everything.  It is important to ask for a raise after you have taken on more responsibilities and duties. In general, you want to ask prior to year-end so budgetary changes can be made. Another rule of thumb- don’t ask your boss for a raise when he or she is inundated with their own workload! Wait for a time when your boss can give you the time and attention to listen and validate your concerns.
  2. Ask for a reasonable salary. Use sites such as Glassdoor, Payscale and to set a benchmark for a reasonable salary in your profession. You do not want to come off as greedy because that will increase your chances of being declined.
  3. Offer a salary range rather than an exact number. Make sure the low end of the range is still enough to make you feel content and satisfied.
  4. Make a valid pitch to justify a raise. Schedule a meeting with your boss and have set talking points to discuss. Make sure to quantify your achievements. For example – Did you exceed your sales goals? If so, by how much? Did you save the company money? Ask for a salary range and defend it with your accomplishments. It is important to let your manager do some talking, too. You need to know the next steps moving forward.
  5. Negotiate other perks if a raise is declined.  Maybe your company is on a spending freeze or doesn’t have the budget for an immediate raise. If that is the case, consider asking for a bonus in the New Year, or more opportunity for remote work. Think about what perks would make you happier with your job if a raise is out of the question, and be prepared to ask!

We hope these 5 tips help you achieve your goal in obtaining a bump in pay! If you are looking for more job advice or thinking about changing careers, contact a McCallion Staffing recruiter at 215-855-8000. Best of luck!

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