We keep hearing a lot about company culture and how important it is. What exactly is company culture and how do you find out more information about it?

Company culture is the personality of the organization. It is important to make yourself aware of a company’s culture before accepting a job offer there. Quite often, the personality of a company is influenced by the company’s leadership, growth opportunities, employee engagement, fast/slow work pace, and work-life balance opportunities.   Here are a few ways to determine if the company’s culture will match your needs and lifestyle.

  • Employee review sites such as Glassdoor. The important thing to do here is look for a constant theme of reviews, whether negative or positive. There is always going to be a disgruntled employee who lashes out on their previous employer – try not to let one bad review discourage you from pursuing a position.
  • Company website & social media pages. Is the company tech-savvy and modern enough for you, or do you prefer a more traditional employer? What type of message and posts is the company sharing? This will give you insight as to what is important to the company and their audience. Their LinkedIn page will also allow you to see who works there and how long they have been employed there and if they have moved up or transitioned into other positions within that company.
  • Networking. Ask around about the company. Do any of your friends, family or neighbors know people who work there, and if so, what is it like? Do they have layoffs often? Do they offer exceptional benefits? Is there a reason why you shouldn’t pursue an opportunity there? The more information you can get, the better!

Asking your interviewer about the company’s culture is always an important question. Their answer may become one of the main reasons you choose to accept or decline their offer! The recruiters at McCallion Staffing work very closely with their clients to do their best and match each job seeker with the appropriate job based on skill sets and company culture.  If you haven’t done so already, register with McCallion Staffing today and let us match you to the job you’ve been searching for! Contact us at 215-855-8000 or visit us at www.mccallionstaffing.com.

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