Interviews. It is the best predictor in hiring your next best employee. Or is it?

Recently, employers are realizing that there are quite a few flaws with the interview process. From over prepping and cheat sheets to blatantly lying about previous work responsibilities, employers are faced with many challenges in identifying a candidate’s true potential. Here are a few of the biggest flaws with interviews that hiring managers and human resources professionals are currently facing:

  1. Candidates can over prep and cater their past experience to the point that it deceptively matches the open job description perfectly. This is a downfall of candidates conducting extensive research on the job opening and company. They may seem perfect for the position while in the interview and then start the job and not fully understand how to fulfil the job duties.
  2. Interview questions can be found ahead of time on sites such as Glassdoor. There is also virtual interview practice software, virtual mock interviews, and career coaches who will critique candidate mannerisms and behavior (down to the handshake!) so that candidates appear nearly perfect.
  3. Remote interviews may allow candidates to appear as a better fit than they actually are. For example, it has been reported that some candidates will have “cheat sheets” placed nearby that the interviewer cannot see. These cheat sheets are essentially prompt sheets to help answer questions quickly with more confidence. While some candidates may truly be very sharp and quick on their feet, the “cheat sheet” undoubtedly will make this much desired trait seem more common than not.
  4. Embellishing past work experience, or perhaps even blatantly lying, because references aren’t willing to disclose detailed information in fear of litigation. It is nearly impossible to learn about the previous work-related behavior of candidates now that many employers are afraid to talk.
  5. Employers now place a large emphasis on the “candidate experience” which can leave a distorted view in the minds of candidates as the job may appear much more glamorous than it actually is. This is also contributing to the growing new-hire fail rate across all job levels from a data entry clerk to a CEO.

Of course there is no fail-proof method to interviewing. It is still considered a staple throughout the interview process. At McCallion Staffing, we meet every candidate for a general interview – which means they can’t over prepare or cater their skills to one specific job. We focus on their skill set, needs, accomplishments and personality. Consider contacting a McCallion Staffing representative to assist with your hiring needs today!

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