As soon as Labor Day passes, it seems that stores start putting out Halloween candy and start preparing their Holiday displays.  They also start preparing for their holiday hiring spree.  Most companies begin preparing for the holiday season as soon as they can in order to get the best candidates locked up.  With unemployment being so low, companies are fighting over skilled workers more and struggling to fill the positions that they are creating.  With that in mind, here is some holiday hiring information to help you find a great position that, if lucky, could turn into something much more.

                The strategies that companies employ during the holidays are varied and different.  Some companies, like Target, hire thousands of temporary workers to fill the extra work needed, while others, like Walmart, like to give additional hours to current employees in order to fill the extra demand.  This year alone, Target plans to hire 130,000 temporary employees in order to fill their needs, and Kohl’s has announced plans for hiring 90,000 seasonal employees.  These jobs may seem temporary and a short term fix for financial problems, but Target converted 40% of their seasonal employees into full time positions.  Quick searches let people know how different companies are handling the holiday rush, which can lead to new positions or new opportunities.

                Another great source of holiday jobs are order fulfilment centers and shipping carriers.  These places, like FedEx and UPS, hire up to 100,000 new employees each during the holiday season to meet the increased demand.  As online shopping and commerce continues to expand, more and more people do their Holiday shopping away from traditional brick and mortar stores.  These light industrial positions are more physical and taxing than some retail positions, but may come with higher salaries.  Just as with retail positions, UPS retained almost 25% of its temporary employees after the holiday season ended.  Many retail chains are also now doing a ship to store, where they can order online and pick up items when they arrive. 

                Catering and food services are also a way to find additional holiday work, since many places create holiday gift bundles and prepare for the upcoming meals and celebrations.  This preparation can start later than other positions, since the food needs to stay fresh.  Many companies begin their holiday hiring in September or October, while food positions may begin in late October or November to prepare for Thanksgiving gifts.  Either way, there are many companies that can use additional help, and they are willing to reward you handsomely. 

                Holiday Jobs are a fantastic way to add income right before the huge shopping season.  Many holiday hires are making decent money and receive discounts at the stores they work at.  Don’t be afraid of temporary work, whether it is for the holiday season, or year round.  Many temporary positions turn into permanent positions, and provide additional salary, and a chance to make the holidays even more special. 

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