When most students think of summer, their mind immediately goes to the beach and all of the fun activities that their break will be filled with.  Most students don’t recognize that this “break” can be an integral opportunity to build their resume and push their future to the next level!

The most traditional summer career booster is to get an internship through a school or college.  These opportunities can be very competitive, but can lead to permanent positions and begin the process of determining which specialization of your future career is best suited to you.  You can also decide if this is NOT something you want to continue in.  Sometimes that can be even more valuable!

Another way to gain experience is to volunteer.  While this may not help you buy a car or those cute sandals you had your eye on, this can be a great way to become familiar with the career and the company.  This type of opportunity can get your foot in the door,  help you make connections, and even help you gain the specialized terms and experience that you can only gain by working in the field.  If they learn all about you, maybe that paid internship can be yours next summer!

Taking a class that doesn’t relate to your major, or attempting to learn a new skill can be a great way to improve your job outlook.  Some skills are best gained by taking a class, and summer may be the stress- free time you need to jump ahead.  Other skills may be the things that take practice and time, (such as learning a language) but by mastering it, you check a box that someone is looking for. 

So, even though you may “NEED” to lie on the beach all summer and work on that tan, don’t forget that there are a few other things that you can do this summer, things that can help you spend even more time on the beach!

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