Many companies and staffing agencies attend and invest in setting up booths at career fairs, industry expos and other networking events to maximize their recruiting efforts and minimize the amount of money spent on advertising and promoting open positions. Companies and staffing agencies attend job fairs to attract and acquire potential new hires, and they also attend to spread the word about their organization. For job seekers, there are many advantages to attending a job fair, regardless of the employers’ reasons for being there.

Career Exploration

                Job fairs are a free resource for anyone to discover which employers are hiring and interested in your skillset. These career events also give job seekers the opportunity to explore a variety of occupations and fields in one central location. Employer booths allow candidates to learn more about specific companies, different jobs and career paths that one may never have considered otherwise.

On-site Interviews

                Employment applications through the mail or online can take days or weeks to get the hiring manager or employer. In most cases career fairs give job seekers the opportunity to give their resume directly to an employer or recruiter and then interview on the spot and possibly land a new position. These on-site interviews also benefit the job seeker by allowing a candidate to formally introduce themselves and create a great first, and lasting, impression on the hiring manager.


                The biggest advantage of attending a job fair, besides the possibility of an instant job offer, is networking with employers, recruiters, HR professionals and hiring managers. Many companies and recruiters may not be able to offer a position on the spot or have an instant opening, but if a job seeker makes a lasting impression they might call you when a new job opportunity is available.

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