Just as the seasons change, so do recruiting and hiring patterns for companies. Seasonal recruitment is not only referring to the big holiday period from November to December, rather companies experience busy seasons at various times throughout the year depending on the industry. This means for candidates being at the right place at the right time is often a big reason why some people get hired over others. It would be to a candidate’s advantage if they considered industry recruitment cycles when actively searching and applying for a new job opportunity. If you pay close enough attention to company recruitment cycles, you might be able to submit your application and resume at a time when a hiring manager is most eager to bring in new employees. What should a candidate expect from recruiting during each season?


                The first quarter of the year tends to be a busy time for recruiting as new budgets are starting or resetting and filling open positions becomes a top priority. People are taking less time off since they are coming out of the holiday season, which means companies are more readily available and eager for hiring and interviewing processes. A company wants to start the first quarter off strong and that means filling vacant positions and revamping their team by bringing in fresh talent. The industries most affected by the winter recruitment cycle are: warehousing, transportation, retail, and customer service.


                Recruitment activity in the spring varies depending on the industry. Companies that thrive in the summer and outdoor businesses will begin hiring in the spring to have employees set and ready for their busy season. This is also the time when recruiters will be targeting and reaching out to soon-to-be college graduates, before they enter the job market, for entry level or seasonal positions. The industries most affected by the spring recruitment cycle are: construction, tourism, hospitality, home improvement, landscaping, accountants and tax preparers.


                During this time of year many companies experience a general recruiting and hiring slowdown as many employers and employees are taking time off and offices shift to a more relaxed schedule. This means that candidates applying to companies during the summer will most likely experience delayed responses as vacation time and shifted schedules can get in the way of moving the hiring process forward. Again, there are exceptions to this season as tourism, vacation services, outdoor activities and general entertainment industries tend to need more help and increase their recruiting and hiring activity.


                Fall is the season of resetting. All of the workers are returning from vacation and come back to work full-force. With everyone back at the office, recruiting and hiring picks back up again. Employers need to fill open positions before the holiday season comes around and use up the budget before the company runs out.

Recruiters and hiring managers are influenced by many variables, including marketing conditions, industry, having to fill roles unexpectedly, etc., so positions can open at any time. Continue to search, apply, and network – but keep recruitment cycles in mind to apply at an ideal time when hiring managers and recruiters are most attentive and responsive.







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