Many industries are struggling to fill all of their open positions with the best fit candidates, and the manufacturing sector may be one of the most affected industries in this tight labor market. Although there is a shortage of skilled candidates on the market, the manufacturing industry has an optimistic future due to the advances and development of technology and modern machinery. There is a strong need now more than ever for more manufacturing workers who are able to work with and maintain the advanced technology and machinery, so more companies are seeking more technically skilled candidates and promoting education of the skills needed for their production.

Many people may not believe that light industrial companies are in need of more employees due to the general belief that robots and technology are pushing out manufacturing workers. While it is true that by 2022 about 75 million people will lose their jobs to automation, 133 million new jobs could be created by the same year if workers receive the necessary and relevant training. There are 13 million manufacturing jobs in total at the moment, therefore the industry needs employees to fulfill their growing production goals and meet their quality standards. Currently, the industry lacks about half a million of the skilled workers it needs. This is why a resurgence and promotion of technical and vocational schools is necessary for the manufacturing sector to develop and utilize a new skilled talent pool.

The quality of work in manufacturing, the benefits and the pay are exceptional, which makes this career a viable and attractive option to anyone, especially those without a college degree. Considering a career in manufacturing and production? McCallion Staffing has a full range of different positions within the light industrial sector from entry level to more technically skilled roles. Take a look at our job openings on our website and call into our office to speak with one of recruiters to begin the process of finding your best fit manufacturing role!



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