With the job market at near full employment and there being more open jobs than people to fill them, employers and recruiters are being forced to rethink how they attract, engage with, and evaluate candidates. This year recruiting will not get any easier for companies and staffing agencies, so employers and recruiters will need to enhance their marketing strategies, take care of their reputation, practice better communication, and offer work flexibility. Review the following recruiting trends in order to successfully attract and hire the best fit candidate for your company or client:

Recruitment Marketing

  • Companies and staffing agencies can attract candidates by using the same marketing tactics big-name brands use to attract consumers and create personal connections.
    • Better Content: More companies and recruiters are investing in and working on more creative methods to spread their story, mission statements, culture and values through content like blog posts, e-books, infographics, podcasts, social media posts, and videos. These platforms are where people spend most of their time nowadays and with access to so much information, it is important for organizations to consistently stand out and have an authentic presence.
    • Better Communication: Updating candidate communication tools, such as texting applications for recruiters and chatbots for career sites that respond to questions quickly about the hiring process, will keep applicants engaged and interested. If candidates are not receiving a highly responsive and humanized experience from an organization‚Äôs hiring process, they will move on to find a better fit elsewhere.
  • Promoting a company‚Äôs values and culture, not just the open job positions, is becoming more important and critical for recruitment marketing.
    • More and more employers are creating roles influenced by their recruitment marketing to support their company culture and values, which will result in attracting well-fit candidates.
    • The candidate journey is influenced at every stage by marketing strategies, including search engine boosts, landing page conversion optimization, digital marketing, content marketing, social media engagement, reputation management, etc, so it vital for the marketing to accurately reflect the company culture and values.

Take Care of Employer Reputation

  • Reviews, whether personal or online, can have a huge impact on a candidate‚Äôs decision-making throughout the hiring process.
    • It would be beneficial for employers to follow their company‚Äôs Glassdoor or Indeed profiles to stay up-to-date on reviews; then develop a plan for responding to the reviews to address any questions, concerns, or praises appropriately in order to encourage people to leave reviews, instead of asking for them.

Work Flexibility

  • Employers should identify job requirements they can be flexible on because there is no such thing as the perfect candidate, especially in this tight market.
    • Employers and recruiters should put more weight on hiring soft skills and potential because technical skills can be taught and learned, while soft skills are usually a part of a person‚Äôs personality and can make or break and role.
    • It would be worth it to employers to invest more in training programs to groom their employees to have the specific skill sets needed for the job.
  • Companies should also consider increasing their wages and offer creative benefits to create a more attractive workplace.
    • Telecommuting and extended paid-time-off are just some workplace perks that attract employees of younger generations.








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