The job market nowadays can be very daunting with there being more open positions than active jobseekers – the options are endless! That is why working with staffing agencies and their recruiters can be advantageous for any jobseeker as recruiters can connect individuals with employers and specific roles that are perfect for their skills, interests, and values. A recruiter can open doors to someone’s dream job or company, suggest improvements to one’s resume, and coach candidates on interview do’s-and-don’ts for specific clients. It would be in a jobseekers best interest to network, develop, and maintain relationships with recruiters for assistance in their job search. The following tips will help any candidate encourage a positive relationship with a recruiter and make the most out of the partnership.

  • Keep Your Resume Current

    • Most recruiters will want to see your resume before setting up a meeting with you, so make sure your resume is up to date before contacting recruiters.
  • Be Professional

    • Although a recruiter is not a hiring manager, you should still prepare to have an interview with recruiter as if you are meeting with a hiring manager.
    • Be punctual, dress appropriately, and be prepared to talk about your skills and experience.
    • It is crucial to make a great first impression with your recruiter, so they can feel confident submitting you to their clients.
  • Be Accessible

    • Be sure to tell your recruiter your preferred method of communication – phone, email, or text.
    • If a recruiter cannot get in touch with you to schedule an interview or deliver an offer, it negatively affects your chances of getting a job.
  • Follow Through with Commitments

    • If a recruiter has scheduled an interview for you with their client and you agreed to attend, follow through.
    • It reflects poorly on you as a candidate and on the recruiter if you do not show up.
  • Be Open and Honest

    • Don’t hold back pertinent information about your job history, such as employment gaps or some short-term positions you may or may not have included on your resume.
    • Be open about working with other recruiters and share the places you have already applied to so your current recruiter can refine their search and avoid sending you to the same companies.
  • Ask Questions and Ask for Feedback

    • If you are confused at any point in the job process with a recruiter – ask questions! They are there to help candidates in any way they can throughout the process and want to find the best fit position for you.
    • Recruiters have rich insight and knowledge when it comes to the job market, resumes, and interview techniques, therefore take their advice or constructive criticism as a valuable opportunity to improve your marketing materials and interviewing process.



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