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Attracting new employees in a candidate driven market sounds daunting. It is certainly one of the biggest challenges employers have faced in recent years. Many local employers are asking themselves, “How are we going to attract and retain the best candidates?”. The expectations of current job seekers are much different than a few years ago, and employers must realize this change and adapt to the current requirements that the job market demands

Expectation of affordable and comprehensive insurance policies. Benefits such as 401k plans, bonuses, PTO, maternity/paternity leave, daycare allowances and sick leave are great for recruiting and retaining talent. Many job seekers expect some of these benefits, at a minimum. 

Flexibility with start dates and schedules. Wait it out for the right person. Early recruitment activities can enable you to be flexible with new hires in regards to their start date. Consider offering different work schedules (such as different shifts or flexibility around childcare drop-off/pick-up time restraints) if it would be acceptable for your business needs. It may attract candidates who are looking for that extra perk to make them accept a new job. Allowing remote work is also a huge attraction for many job seekers. Keep in mind, it may take a bit of creativity to differentiate yourself from other employers!

Stay aware of market trends. Increase salaries and offer pay raises when necessary to stay competitive. Perhaps consider putting a plan in place to review the salary for each role on an annual basis. Consult with a local staffing agency, such as McCallion Staffing, to ensure that your salary rates are on par with the local job market. 

If you are still facing challenges identifying potential candidates, don’t hesitate to reach out to an Account Manager at McCallion Staffing or giving us a call at (215) 855-8000. We would be happy to assist you in finding your next best employee!






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