Companies set hiring goals to be more productive, more profitable and to better compete with similar organizations. Many managers have learned the hard way that when a company falls short of hiring goals, it can stifle growth, pummel profits and interfere with the ability to give premium customer service.

Unfortunately, many companies set annual hiring goals and never meet them. In some instances, productivity will plummet to the point where managers get desperate and hire people who aren’t cut out to fill the positions. Company heads who take this approach learn the hard way that hiring any old Joe Blow who submits a resume can do more harm than good. The success of any business depends on hiring enough qualified workers to fill positions.

Many businesses are recognizing staffing agencies as a practical way to get the short and long-term employees they need to get the job done.

How a Staffing Agency Can Help With 2018 Hiring Goals

In today’s tight job market, finding qualified employees (who will want to grow with your company) to fill company positions is not only difficult, it’s time consuming and expensive. Especially if the positions are for niche industries that require specialized skills.

Staffing agencies are like matchmakers in that they target organizations’ needs and pairs them with people who fit the bill. These agencies have protocols in place that allow them to find people with the right skills, personalities and backgrounds to compliment what employers are looking for. The best part is that if a manager is not happy with the performance of a temp agency employee, he can send him back and request a replacement.

A lot of times, meeting annual hiring goals will take a backseat to troubleshooting, product development, marketing and other important aspects of business. Company heads often get overwhelmed and put off recruiting, going through resumes or interviewing job candidates. The problem with this is that when hiring goals aren’t met, valuable positions go unfilled and current workers are stuck picking up the slack. The end result is often stalled business growth, slow production, poor customer service, lost profits and resentful employees.

Whether a company needs temporary or permanent workers, staffing agencies will do the grunt work it takes to recruit the brightest talent. These agencies advertise, interview and do drug tests. They also do criminal background and reference checks on people before they clear them to work. As long as the workers stay on the staffing agency’s payroll, they will handle insurance, workers comp and taxes. This means less in-house paperwork, reduced recruiting costs and fewer headaches for the businesses they serve.

Using an outside hiring agency in industries such as manufacturing where peak times are seasonal can save companies money. Once the busy season is over and company production goals are met, managers can end temporary worker assignments without the fear of being sued.

Business owners and managers of niche industries benefit greatly when they use staffing agencies that specialize in their specific industries. For instance, a manager looking for workers to fill positions in a pharmaceutical company might benefit from a staffing agency that specializes in life sciences.

Planning to achieve your 2018 hiring goals can be simplified by hiring a staffing agency to do the legwork. These agencies provide businesses with quality workers on a short or long-term basis. Companies are by no means obligated to “take what they get” from staffing agencies. If they don’t feel the workers are cut out for the job, they can send them on their way without worrying about repercussions.

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