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Human Resources is one of the many fields that can expect huge changes in 2018 due to technological advances. Technology continues to enhance employer analytics and candidate experiences. Technology is now embedded in the processes and functions of HR departments around the world, from the earliest stages of qualifying candidates to the later stages of providing a continuous feedback loop of strengths and weaknesses while on the job. Here are the top 2018 hiring trends you need to know:

1. New access to passive candidates. Thank you, social media. Online communication, groups, keywords and hashtags have made it much easier to identify and recruit potential candidates Рeven if they have never heard of or applied to your company before. This benefits the candidate just as much as the recruiter. The recruiter gains access to great candidates who were previously hard to find, and the candidate is presented with new job opportunities that will enhance their career.

2. Larger candidate pools due to remote working capabilities.¬†Recruiters no longer need to limit their candidate search based on close geographic parameters thanks to remote working. This trend is certainly continuing to grow as companies are able to find their perfect candidate on the opposite coast or even another country without paying for relocation expenses. It has also helped improve employee’s work-life balance.¬†Recent studies have revealed that many employees actually work more efficiently from home. While there are drawbacks of not being in a physical office, employers and employees continue to benefit from remote working capabilities.¬†

3. Non-biased hiring.¬†Technology now exists that can strip away any information on a resume that may lead to bias, such as gender, age and race. The initial screening is based simply on abilities and achievements. This process embraces diversity and allows a candidate’s skills and experience get them in the door.¬†

4. New uses of gamification.¬†Who else would prefer to learn and test in a game format rather than just a stand alone training manual or basic timed test? Gamification is growing in popularity as it has much higher engagement levels from current and future employees. Human resources professionals and hiring managers can easily gain insight in to the strength and weaknesses of candidates based on the algorithms and analytics¬†hidden within the games. This is a solid win for candidates who proclaim they are “bad test takers”!

5. Maximizing skills of current employees.¬†It comes as no surprise that many jobs are changing and evolving as technology continues enhance processes within the workplace. Artificial¬†Intelligence has already begun replacing jobs that require repetitive tasks, and predictive analytics¬†are simplifying management’s decision-making processes. Companies now must face the changes and identify employees who can broaden and maximize their skill set in order to take on different types of job responsibilities that cannot be replaced by technology, such as managing direct reports and problem-solving.¬†

Looking towards 2018, companies must continue to adapt and grow with the emerging technological advances. Human capital will always be a company’s biggest asset. The challenge now is to use that asset in the correct capacity! Learn more at

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