Did you know the most stressful part of job searching can actually be when you receive a job offer? Many people initially believe the actual job search and interview are the most daunting, but soon realize that it only gets more complicated! Is the offer worth making a switch from your current employer? Are the health benefits a good choice for your family? Is the commute worth the added time taken from your day? Will you get along with your new coworkers? These are all questions you must ask yourself before reaching a final answer (which is usually required within a few days of receiving a written offer)? This is one of the biggest decisions to make and can determine how your future unfolds. So, should you accept the job offer? Let’s dig-in to the questions you must consider before parting-ways with your current employer. 

man_thinking.jpg1. Are the new perks worth it? A higher salary and bigger paycheck is the obvious perk here. Who doesn’t want more money? It takes more detective work, however, to determine whether your overall income will increase after making a switch. Healthcare plans and employer contributions have a large part in this. Compare healthcare plans side-by-side and read the fine print. Is the rest of your family covered by the new plan? These are all items that absolutely must be evaluated. In the long-run, a higher salary may still result in less take-home money considering healthcare costs and the commute. 

2. Are there any red flags? Trust your instincts on this one. Did you get a weird vibe while you were interviewing? Did you feel like you were lost or forgotten throughout the hiring process? Did you meet any of the current employees with whom you’d be working with? If so, did you get along with them? Did you align with the company culture? These are all valid questions to ask yourself considering you will be spending a lot of time with these people. The job may be perfect on paper, but no job is worth being miserable and hating your life.

3. Is there long-term potential? Does the new company promote from within? Are you taking a step back down the ladder from your current position just to make switch? Does the new company have a hierarchy that provides you with opportunities to move up, rather than just laterally? It can be tricky to figure out this information in the short amount of time you have to respond to the offer. Try looking the company up on LinkedIn and view profiles of people who currently and previously work there. Have they been at the company for awhile? Or did they need to make a change after a year or so? You can gain much insight by doing this type of research. 

4. Will the commute make you hate your job? Your commute can also make or break your decision to accept the job offer. Will it take away more time from seeing your family and kids? Is the wear-and-tear, tolls, and gas expense worth it? Alternatively, are you paid for your commute? Does the company reimburse you for your travel if you have to take the train? Are you on the clock when you leave your house for work? There is no right or wrong answer as it is totally a personal preference as to whether the commute is worth it to you. 

5. Will you have any regrets? Do you feel that the perks aren’t worth you making a change? Maybe the few dollars extra you’d bring home, after all is said and done, isn’t worth the job security you’d give up after leaving. Could you confidently accept or reject the offer? Do you think you will be leaving too many opportunities behind by making a switch?  What are the true reasons why you want to leave? Will they be fulfilled by accepting the new job offer? Only you know the answer!

Switching jobs is never easy and it affects your entire life, especially your family. Take the time to really evaluate your wants and needs, as well as your short-term and long-term goals. You should be able to accept a job offer without looking back. If you are really struggling to make a decision, ask the company for an extra day to think everything over. This is not a decision to be taken lightly. Best of luck!

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