If you are an employer who is trying to hire specific, qualified and dependable talent… we feel your pain. The job market is extremely tight and competitive right now. According to a Careerbuilder survey, 50% of Employers have open positions for which they can’t find qualified candidates, and 57% have jobs that remain open for 12 weeks or longer. Employers now have to up the ante in order to attract new applicants and peak enough interest for the person to actually apply. Here are 9 ways to revamp your recruiting process:

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1. Utilize many keywords throughout your job description. Google AdWords can be a big help here. Keywords are critical to your job posting since the majority of job seekers search for jobs online. You want your job description to come up near the top of their search and within their geographic parameters. For example, if you are searching for a Project Manager who has a PMP, be sure to utilize the keywords “PMP” or “Project Management Professional” within your job description.

2. Disclose the location. Most job seekers search by keyword and location. Location is critical to the success of your job posting. If the position has flexibility in regards to the location, you must disclose all of the locations where the job can be held. Also, don’t forget to mention if the position is remote or offers any type of virtual/work-from-home options.¬†

3. Video postings. Try embedding a video job description in your posting Рit is a sure way to differentiate your company from competitors. You can post a testimonial video from a current employee, or a video of the hiring manager describing the open position along with the type of candidate they are looking for. This is a relatively easy way to gain attention from job seekers and it is cost-effective. 

4. Customized job descriptions. The standard job description is long gone, and likely never to return again. Job seekers are now looking to learn more about your company, not just the job itself. What perks do you offer? What is your company culture? Do you foster a creative environment? How about free, prepared lunches twice a week? Gym membership reimbursements? Are you saving lives or changing the world – if so, how? Talk up your company (you are allowed to brag here!) as much as you can – but keep it truthful. False promises won’t benefit anyone.¬†

5. Use of an employment agency. If you’re too busy to revamp job descriptions, post them online, and filter & interview candidates, you may need outside help. Consider partnering with an employment agency such as McCallion Staffing. It is the most economical option, and allows you to do what you do best – running your business.

6. Mobile-friendly application process. LinkedIn does a good job with allowing candidates to apply to job postings on a mobile device. Consider posting your job openings on third party sites that have mobile friendly applications. Or, consider adding a mobile-friendly job board to your website. It is a sure way to enhance the candidate’s overall application experience.

7. Quick & Easy application. If you have a 45 minute online application process, don’t be too surprised if you aren’t receiving tons of resumes. The truth is that most candidates are currently employed, and the last thing they want to do when they get home from work is spend 45 minutes of their free time applying to one job. Make it easy for your next potential employee and simplify the application process. If you like what you see, contact them directly and have them complete any additional paperwork or testing. They will be more open to spending the additional time on your application process after you have shown an interest in them.

8. Passive, year-round recruiting. Sometimes you have to be flexible on timing when adding to your workforce. You may find the perfect fit for your company when you don’t have any current openings. But, as we have all learned through trial and error, sometimes you have to hold on to that perfect candidate even though you weren’t planning on increasing your headcount quite yet. Passively recruit at all times. You never know who you’re going to find. This also helps avoid any major disruptions or set-backs when you have unexpected changes within your existing¬†workforce. An employment agency is a good resource for passive recruiting as it doesn’t cost you money or time. Learn more about this here.

9. Referral network and previous candidates. One of the easiest ways to find quality talent is to ask for referrals from your current employees. Offering referral bonuses always adds a little extra motivation for your employees to find referrals. You can also reach out and re-engage previous qualified candidates who may not have been a good fit for the open position you had at the time. 

These 9 recruiting tactics¬†are a sure way to boost your candidate pool, so give it a shot. We know how difficult finding and hiring new employees can be – especially when you need the perfect mix of soft skills¬†and hard skills. Don’t fret when the going gets tough – McCallion Staffing is here for you if you need recruiting and hiring assistance!

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