The job search we once knew is no more. Gone are the days of newspaper ads and cold-calling for open vacancies. Of course resumes, networking and interviewing are still extremely important, but they are just part of a bigger process. Apps, video resumes, Google, LinkedIn and social media all play an crucial role in your new job search. Google and LinkedIn are gaining popularity among recruiters, who used to solely rely on job databases such as Monster and Careerbuilder. 

A recent study conducted by Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc. found that, “78.9% of recruiters check potential candidates on social media and Google”. It is imperative to keep your social media clean. You can use social media to your advantage, too. For example, reach out to co-workers and current/past bosses for public recommendations and references on LinkedIn. LinkedIn also offers a mobile app that allows you to apply to numerous¬†jobs in one click from wherever you are — how convenient! There are also networking apps that give you access to many business contacts, such as Caliber, Weave and Reach.

Video interviews and video resumes are becoming more common. Video interviews, especially in the pre-screening phase, are the most convenient and efficient option. This type of interview should not replace an in-person interview, but it is a great addition to the interview process itself. You will gain insight into the culture and tone of the company, while they can gauge¬†your personality, energy and communication skills. It will allow you to highlight your skills and attributes that aren’t on your resume. Don’t be alarmed if a company wants to do video interviews prior to bringing you into the office. It is the new normal, and is more cost and time efficient for everyone involved.¬†Always remember to put your best foot forward regardless of the communication platform, even in the early stages of your job search.¬†

What is the most important thing for you to do now, even if you don’t plan on job searching anytime soon? Keep your social media clean! Your job search in 2017 is unlike any other job search. Don’t fabricate your work history, responsibilities or education. In the day and age of the internet, you never know when it could come back to haunt you.¬†


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