Manufacturing is booming right now as we are well underway in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The “Made in America” movement seems it is here to stay for awhile. The manufacturing industry is critical to our economy, and even our world! No matter what your role is within this industry, whether it is Operations, Sales, Marketing or HR, you are an integral part to the success of the company and industry. ¬†Could you imagine being part of a company that manufactures 3D printers that build human organs? Manufacturing is ahead of the curve. Here are some perks of working in the manufacturing industry.

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  • ¬†STEM is on the rise. Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering is the future. You have probably even seen a resurgence¬†of STEM related toys for young children, as we are preparing our young ones with the proper skills and knowledge for the careers of their future. This field of study embraces cutting-edge technology with the help of manufacturing companies. These are the types of jobs that will be desired in the coming years.
  • Help close the skills gap and talent shortage.¬†Many young workers have a negative perception of the manufacturing industry. A manufacturing job doesn’t mean that you are working in a dirty, messy shop surrounded by oil and grease. The reality is that many manufacturing companies have some of the best technology that exists. A manufacturer built the robots that fulfill your Amazon orders. That doesn’t sound too boring or dirty, does it? A skills gap exists because there has been a lack of interest and training in the manufacturing field. Many workers within this industry have started to retire, and it is nearly impossible to replace them. Not to mention, the skill sets have become increasingly technical, which requires employees to be mathematically¬†and technologically inclined. You can help close this gap by considering a job in this industry. There are also plenty of high-paying jobs available that do not require a four year college degree. ¬†
  • Experience the newest technology.¬†Manufacturers have access to the newest technology that can create products from the prototype phase to final delivery. They literally take an idea and bring it to fruition throughout multiple trials and errors. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see a product on a shelf and know that you helped create the packaging, or even the product itself? Manufacturing affects every one of our lives and we depend on it. You have an opportunity to be a part of some of the newest and greatest technology of the 21st century.¬†

The manufacturing industry makes a difference in the world every single day, whether you are on the warehouse floor or reading P/L reports in an office. Every level of the organization is important. Interested in learning more about working in the manufacturing industry? Go ahead and contact us now!

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