There are so many different platforms these days to find job openings. However, we all know how discouraging it is to apply countless times to online job postings, only to never hear anything in return. While online applications are still the main route for finding employment, there are other options that enable you to actually speak to a human being throughout the job seeking process. Here are 5 ways to find a new job:

busy_desk.jpg1. Utilize a Staffing Agency. Registering with a reputable staffing agency allows you to meet with a Recruiter, one-on-one, and discuss your job search. Recruiters act as a voice on your behalf, as well as a second set of eyes looking for jobs that may be a good fit for you. They have access to open positions that you may never see on the job boards. How did these Recruiters gain access to open positions that have not been publicly posted? Well, companies trust the Recruiter’s judgment¬†so much that they let the Recruiter find people who would be a good fit for the job. Pretty impressive, isn’t it? ¬†We think so!

2. Job Boards. It is fair to say that we have all applied to a posting on a job board at some point in time. Indeed, Careerbuilder and Monster are some of the largest, most comprehensive job boards. Today, there are also hundreds of niche job sites specific to each industry. For example, offers more tech-related job openings while offers more logistics and supply chain related career opportunities. 

3. Social Media. LinkedIn now offers a mobile app that allows you to apply to jobs from virtually anywhere. Talk about convenient! You can also apply to jobs via certain company Facebook pages. 

4. Company Websites.¬†Applying directly to a company’s career board is the best option if you have an interest in working at a specific company. Don’t forget your customized cover letter — and make sure you have the correct company information when submitting!

5. Networking.¬†“It’s not what you know — it’s who you know” holds some truth. Reach out to friends or family members who work at a company or industry you are interested in. There are also networking events in your local community, as well as online networking groups that can be found on LinkedIn. A great networking opportunity on LinkedIn is your college alma mater group. Don’t underestimate the camaraderie of your alma mater!

Try not to become discouraged if you don’t secure a new job right away. These things can take time, and it is not a decision to be taken lightly. Finding a new job requires much patience and work. Consider¬†working a temporary position if you are currently unemployed and searching for long-term employment. It is a great option to utilize as it allows you to bring a paycheck home while searching for your dream job.¬†

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