There always seems to be a lot of confusion when it comes to temporary workers. Why don’t these workers have direct-hire positions? Are their skills not good? Are they just job hoppers who can’t commit to an organization? Let’s dig deeper and debunk these myths.

1. Temp workers can’t find direct-hire jobs. This just isn’t true. Many temporary workers are in-between jobs and are motivated enough to accept a temporary position while searching for a direct-hire position. Other temp workers may be in the midst of changing career paths, recent graduates who are looking to gain experience, or parents who are coming back into the workforce after raising their children.¬†

2. I can only keep a temporary worker on a temporary basis. False. You can always make an offer for direct-hire employment to a temporary employee after speaking with the staffing agency who is representing the temp. There may be a fee involved depending on how many hours the temp has worked, but you still have the option of converting them to your payroll and sealing the deal! 

3. Temporary workers are only for temporary jobs. Nope. Have you ever heard of the temporary-to-permanent option? Many employers utilize this staffing model for several reasons. They may want to evaluate the temp on the job before making a hiring commitment. Or, they may have a job opening that may or may not be needed for a long-term basis. It is a great way to figure it out as you go!

4. Temps don’t have adequate skill sets. Whoa, where did this myth come from? Many temporary workers have worked for some of the biggest and best companies in the area. If they have completed temporary assignments in the past, then they have gained a wide-range of invaluable experience and skills. Skill level has no correlation to whether an employee is temporary or traditional.

5. Using an agency is too much $$$. ¬†Hiring the wrong employee drains your corporate bank account — not using agency! A bad hire can set you back thousands of dollars and wasted months of training. Utilizing the temporary-to-permanent option allows you to evaluate a temp over time without committing¬†to increased payroll taxes, insurance costs and unemployment burdens. Hiring a temporary employee is a very economical solution for many businesses. Let an agency do what they specialize in, which is finding you the best qualified candidates available.¬†

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