Your resume is great and you are landing interviews left and right. But why is nothing materializing after the initial meeting?  There are five potential mistakes you may be making.  These mistakes are usually not intentional, but nonetheless, may be off putting to the interviewer.  Have you committed any of these five faux-pas?

  1. You’re too comfortable.¬†Being friendly and outgoing is always a plus, but you must know your boundaries. You are under evaluation by your interviewer. Always keep it professional (this includes your body language!) and refrain from making any innuendos or assumptions that you will receive the position.
  2. “Loose lips sink ships.”¬†The old saying holds much truth. Don’t diss your former employers or speak negatively of anyone for that matter. You can certainly disclose your past positions, but don’t focus on the negative or divulge unnecessary details.
  3. Pay attention to the details. Arrive on time, if not early, and be well-prepared. Take a test drive to the location prior to your actual interview if you are unsure of the area. Review the details of the job you are interviewing for, and have a little background knowledge of the company where you are interviewing. Knowledge is power!
  4. You talk too much about the future.¬†“Where do you see yourself in several years?”. ¬†We’ve all heard this question. ¬†However, this is definitely not the opportunity for you to discuss your dreams for retirement, opening a cafe on a beach in Costa Rica, starting a career in online day trading, and so on. ¬†Employers love to hear about your aspirations, but not when it conflicts with the long-term goals of the position you are interviewing for.
  5. You don’t follow up.¬†Interviewers are not mind readers. Follow up with a brief thank you e-mail or note to reassure the interviewer that you are still excited and interested in the position. You also want to thank your interviewer for taking the time out of their schedule to meet with you.

These may seem like five harmless mistakes, but you have to consider these issues in the eyes of the interviewer, as their duty is to make the best hiring decision for the company. ¬†If you are having difficulty finding a new job, consider registering with McCallion Staffing Specialists (it’s free!) as we have access to many local jobs that are not publicly¬†advertised. ¬†Learn more about registering with McCallion Staffing.


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