You just started a new job, and you’re looking to stand out from your co-workers. How can you set yourself apart from the rest when you are the new kid on the block? Take a look at these 5 tips to get ahead. These may seem like common sense to you, but it is very hard for employers to find employees who can consistently complete all 5!

1. Arrive on time. Preferably a few minutes early! Show your employer that you take your job seriously and that working is a priority in your life.

coworkers_racing.jpg2. Attendance. Do not call out unless truly necessary, such as an emergency. The majority of terminations are for attendance and punctuality.

3. Pay attention during training. Take notes and ask questions as needed. This shows your employer that you are ready and willing to learn. It is much better to ask questions during training than to ask a few months into your job.

4. Maintain a “can do” attitude! Your attitude is completely controlled by YOU! Use it to your advantage. Take advantage of any company training, certifications, and overtime (when possible).

5. Avoid company drama. Don’t get involved in any drama between supervisors and employees, or any other type of employee dispute. Employees who have excellent soft skills are more desirable now than ever. Keep your head down and keep your eye on the goal: a promotion! 

Following these 5 tips will surely make you look like the “perfect” employee. Stand out from your co-workers and make your boss proud of hiring you!


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