Non-technical skills, otherwise known as soft skills, are more important than ever.¬†Employers are looking for long-term employees who mesh well with their company culture. Many hard, technical skills can be taught in time. On the contrary, soft skills are something that you are born with. They make you who you are! Employees today are looking for a company where they feel home — a place that means more than just a paycheck. Aligning the right employee soft skills with the right company creates a very good match for both parties, and greatly increases the chances of having a successful¬†new hire. Here are 5 soft skill interview questions¬†you must ask while interviewing your potential next hire:

soft skill interview questions

1. Who or what is your inspiration?

  • Is there someone who the candidate desires to emulate?¬†
  • This should help reveal long-term goals of the candidate, as well as give you insight into their personality outside of work.

2. What are the top values you want to see in a company?

  • This will reveal¬†their priorities such as honesty, integrity, philanthropy, and so on.
  • You will¬†be able to determine if the candidate is driven by money, self-worth, helping others, advancing their career…or if they simply want to just have a job and nothing more.

3. Have you maintained friendships from your past job(s)?

  • This will show emotional intelligence (or lack thereof).
  • Shows that people are important to the candidate despite parting employers.

4. Is there a skill you feel you are missing?

  • Avoid people who act like they know it all.
  • Gear towards people who have natural curiosity and a desire to learn.

5. What is your most prized talent and could you teach me?

  • This will show if the candidate thinks before speaking.
  • The ability to explain something in steps to someone who may not be knowledgeable in the topic is a very desirable¬†trait.
  • This will also show how the candidate handles teaching and training.

It is very important for the goals and values of an employee to match their employer’s goals and values. Employee quits are on the rise because many people do not agree with their company’s mission or they feel they can get a better opportunity elsewhere. Of course no hire is ever guaranteed to be successful (as we all know too well!), but, making every effort to hire right the first time will absolutely pay off!


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