Candidate experience can make or break your brand, especially in the day and age of social media. A company’s hiring process needs to be respectful if they would like to maintain a good reputation. As we all know (unfortunately!), bad news travels fast!

Here are 4 ways to provide a positive interview experience and treat your candidates better:

1. Implement Video Interviewing. This interviewing method saves candidates time and money on the initial screening. A pre-recorded screening is a good method to weave out people prior to a formal in-person interview. Video interviewing also benefits the company as videos can be shared with other employees and it is an inexpensive way to gain insight into potential candidates. Benefits for the candidate include convenience, less time consuming than traveling and preparing for an interview that may not be of interest to you, and it is also easier to gain insight via video as to what exactly the company is looking for. 

2. Help Candidates Prepare.¬†Many candidates complain that they don’t receive enough information prior to an interview. They also complain about lack of communication. ¬†Be polite_business_woman.jpgsure to provide candidates with the necessary information, such as what to expect, the name of the interviewer, how to get there and where they need to go.¬†

3. Humanize the Rejection Process. Send a personalized message or call the candidate directly. You want the candidate to feel important. Provide feedback and explain why the candidate did not receive an offer. Good communication throughout the application process is desirable.

4. Maintain a Relationship. Build and maintain a relationship with candidates who would be a good fit for your organization, even if they are not a perfect fit for any current open requisitions. This will help build your talent pipeline, brand and reputation. It will also make your life easier by having a side stash of great candidates!

These four things will give candidates a good, warm and welcoming feeling about your company. Creating a pipeline of candidates who really respect and value you and your company is invaluable, especially now that employees are more concerned with work-life balance and perks rather than just salary. 

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